Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wrote,
Matthew Garrett

It seems fashionable for people to finish their doctorates at their moment, and on Monday I (almost) joined the herd. The outcome of my defence was that they'd like a couple of extra experiments done, so it's back to the lab for a fortnight, new credit cards for everyone[1] and cab it to the Gold Club[2].

Tomorrow sees me continuing my one man campaign to destroy the planet's ecosystem by heading to the bay area[3] for a total of just under 48 hours. I then continue to France for a few days of holiday, before reversing and hitting up Recife for Bossa 08. Alarmingly this still all involves less time on planes than LCA did, which makes me conclude that Australia is in a silly location and we should ship it somewhere more convenient, like just off the west coast of Ireland.

[1] Possibly lie
[2] Definite lie
[3] Mostly the south bay. Because I hate life.
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