Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wrote,
Matthew Garrett

The day that Bruce Perens gets to tell me that Novell is the new SCO is the day that I willingly accept an offer to be sodomised with a pneumatic drill.

Novell have contributed more code to Linux than pretty much any other single commercial entity other than Red Hat. Without the Novell kernel developers, Linux would be in a much worse state than it currently is. However, I'd expect that everyone in Novell knows that they're also entirely dependent upon the developers working for other distributions. Killing every other distribution isn't advantageous to Novell. And, perhaps more importantly, the death of Novell would be a (short-term?) disaster for every other distribution. Debian may have a larger market share than Novell, but if Novell dies then that's going to be a share of a very small market.

The Linux community doesn't need to eat its own. And one very basic fact does still remain - if Microsoft couldn't sue you before, they still can't sue you. If you're legal, nothing Novell can do will alter that.

(It's sort of touching that Bruce has time to comment on this sort of thing, but didn't seem to find time to make Linuxworldexpocontinentconferencecountymeeting last month. Thanks, Bruce. Thruce. But hey, you're in the credits for A Bug's Life and Toy Story II!)

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