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Matthew Garrett

Though people might be forgiven for having gained the opposite impression, I don't yearn for a future where open source development involves spending 25% of the time coding and 75% of the time where we have earnest conversations about the precise social nature of our utopian society and hold votes on whether to send polite but firm telegrams to people who accidently swore at some point in the recent past. I've never really yearned to live in a commune. I hate the idea of singing around campfires and there are many people who I never, ever want to be polite to.

No. What I want is a future where I can say this person is being a dick, or this person is being a dick or that this person is being a dick and not have to engage in lengthy explanations as to why before people agree. A future where calling someone on their behaviour makes people examine that person's motives rather than yours. A future where you're allowed to criticise without being perfect. A future where people don't feel scared to speak up because the consequences of doing so may include people posting their address and phone number and trying to get them fired. A future where disagreements about behaviour aren't so often intrinsically linked to gender. A future where I get to stop writing about any of this because it's taken for granted anyway.

And I want some awesomely good arguments for why this isn't an excellent future that we should all be encouraging.
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