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Minor Fedora updates - I fixed up the FDI file in the wacom package, so tablet PCs should have a working stylus out of the box in rawhide. The eraser won't work right now - the driver needs some reworking to bind multiple X devices to a single logical input device. I've also added support for brightness control via smartdimmer to nouveau, which should increase the number of machines that have working brightness control. I don't think this has landed in the rawhide kernel yet, but should do soon. There's the potential for some conflict with the mbp_nvidia_bl driver. We may end up dropping that.

HP updates - The button bar on my 2510 got replaced last week. I now have working volume buttons again. However, the machine now reboots whenever the machine is suspended and I close the lid. Diagnosed to either a faulty switch assembly or system board, which will require an engineer visit. An engineer dropped round today to fix the touchpad. Despite the case notes clearly stating that the problem was with the cable assembly, he was sent a replacement top cover unit. Without any cables. So he's coming back at some point. HP's customer support system apparently does not allow these cases to be merged. Which means I now have two visits to look forward to.

Android - I'm gradually working my way through the code, replacing various custom interfaces with standard ones. const char * const LCD_BACKLIGHT = "/sys/class/leds/lcd-backlight/brightness"; is an interesting standout so far.
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