Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wrote,
Matthew Garrett

In other news, my HP 2510p's screen was replaced last month after the hinge snapped. A chunk of plastic off the hinge cover snapped off two days ago. I'm somewhat puzzled by this, since I can't see any plausible way force could be applied to it - it's as if it came away slightly and then got crushed when I tried to close the lid. On top of the motherboard having been replaced 4 times now (twice due to faulty power connectors, one due to the fan being replaced and the motherboard being swapped at the same time, once because the machine started refusing to boot at LCA) and it still being slightly tempremental when booting, I'm not overly impressed - especially when I've only had it 18 months. Nobody else I know with one seems to have had the same level of difficulty, though dreadful thermal issues (especially when using the dock) seem to be common.

The X200s looks awfully shiny, but the 1440x900 screen option doesn't appear to be available in the UK. Oddly, despite having a SIM slot, it also doesn't seem to come with an HSDPA option.
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