Matthew Garrett ( mjg59) wrote,
Matthew Garrett

Ian rang me earlier today. We had a nice chat - he said he felt that my site was possibly excessively confusing in terms of my relationship to the Debian Common Core Alliance, and I said that I felt that his site was possibly excessively confusing in terms of their relationship to Debian. Anyway, we finished on good terms - regardless of my unhappiness about certain aspects of how the DCC thing has been handled so far, it's obviously sensible for something like them to exist. There's no point in having 20 different distributions managing the same core code, and it's far more sensible to work on it with Debian than apart from it.

(I may have to agree to disagree with Ian over the definition of "fork", though - I'm afraid that I tend to trust the OED over dictionaries written by complete lunatics)

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