Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wrote,
Matthew Garrett

Gobi 2000

Anssi Hannula posted a patch to add Gobi 2000 support to qcserial and provided me with support for gobi_loader. I've added the gobi_loader code here. You'll need Anssi's kernel patch from here, and probably also my followup patch with extra IDs from here. Note that the 2000 devices need an extra firmware file (UQCN.mbn) as well as the apps.mbn and amss.mbn files.

The qcserial driver is currently broken in 2.6.32 and later. It's due to the switch to using kfifo for usb serial, but we haven't been able to work out the actual cause. I'm looking at alternative approaches.
Tags: advogato, fedora

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