Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wrote,
Matthew Garrett

So. Burning down the house. Uniquely Welsh concept[1] or near-inevitable consequence of design failure? I present the following:

Innocent Christmas ornament or HARBINGER OF DOOM?

Note how the candle descends into the foliage. There's a good inch and a half of candle left there, embedded into a block. The foliage is, in fact, plastic. The block it's embedded into is some sort of hydrocarbon-based foam. It turns out that lighting one of these and leaving it for a while is a good way to trigger all kinds of excitement. Of the "Goodness me, there appears to be a large lump of petroleum byproduct burning quite vigorously in the hall" variety.

The software design moral: Everything is shit and will attempt to kill you when you're not looking

Now. Back to eating turkish delight and wondering what to do for New Year.

[1] Yes, yes, it's a cover. THAT'S THE JOKE.
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